XP Days Benelux, Nov 27-28 Eindhoven

XP Days Benelux is the place where experienced agilists, systems thinkers and creative explorers gather to share experiences, exchange new tools and techniques and discover ideas from inside or outside the IT field. We question and improve everything we do. We love to collaborate to solve wicked problems, we love to play and we love to share.

Call for sessions

Our open and collaborative session improvement process allows first-time and seasoned presenters alike to co-create great sessions. See the call for sessions at http://www.xpday.net/Xpday2014/XPDays/CallforSessions.html to see what we’re looking for. Or look at the feedback from this and previous years to see what participants look for. Submit your rough idea at http://propile.xpday.net/ and keep improving it.

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