The essential visualisation techniques for marcoms professionals, Apr 5 Rotterdam

As marketing and communications professionals we belong to the creatives of the organization in the perception of colleagues. Yet we hand most creative visualizations over to specialized professionals. And that is okay for large productions. But for a quick sketch of ideas, designs, roadmaps and change strategies it is useful to being able to visualize on your flipchart. You will find that colleagues will be able to follow you better, allowing them to respond more easily and add stuff of their own interests. This creates the right first support for your ideas and strategies.

To get you started and help you practice the Marcoms chapter organizes a workshop on Wednesday, April 5 2017, 17.30 – 21.00 hrs in Rotterdam. Koen de Keersmaeker, Lean/Agile coach and seasoned graphic facilitator teaches the essentials in an interactive way.

This workshop is free for members of Agile Consortium, non-members pay 25 euros. There are only 30 places available, so sign up soon!

Wednesday april 5
17.30 hrs – 21.00 hrs
Hogeschool Rotterdam, Wijnhaven 107, Rotterdam
Please note: bring your own Neuland markers! (more info below)

All participants bring their own markers. Not all markers are suitable. You are strongly advised to bring the following markers, which are also a nice starters kit:

2 x Neuland Big One wedge 6-12 mm: 1 black & 1 grey

1 x Neuland NoOne outliner rond 2,5mm black:

3x Neuland No.One®, wig penput,

  • 1 x 502 (lime)
  • 1 x 503 (pastel geel)
  • 1 x 303 (blauw pastel)

Registration is closed

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