The Agile World Championship: a winning event

On 23 June 2014, the Rabobank (OBT Academy) and Agile Consortium Netherlands organized the Agile World Championship. Against the background of the FIFA World Cup of Soccer in Brazil we had different talks focussing on improving the chances of winning by collaboration. In the text below you find the links to the various presentations.

written by Jeroen Venneman

We started the event with an introduction by Raimond Wets, representative of Rabobank International and Boardmember of the Agile Consortium Netherlands. It was interesting to see the collaboration between Rabobank and the Agile Consortium in this event and the Certify to Inspire program. A certification program with the focus on examining the Agile Mindset and practice, growing from individual (Foundation) to team (Practitioner) to organization (Master). Over 600 persons within the Rabobank already certified on Agile Foundation, more than 10 on Agile practitioners level and 2 on the Agile Masters level.

After the introduction there were two presentations on Agile Surveys, first by Jarl Meijer (Xebia) followed by Lee Cunningham (VersionOne). Collaboration in the value chain, Culture, Management Support, are important subjects that were presented here, looking at the current status of Agile and the trends.

Douwe van der Meer (Rabobank Nederland) introduced the situation at the Rabobank and the way Lean and Agile are used to improve on the value chain. Jeroen Venneman (Xebia) and Edwin Clerkx (Rabobank Nederland) followed with the introduction of the Agile Champion program. A program from Xebia used in the Agile transformation at the Rabobank resulting in internal trained and experienced Champions. In a coach-the-coach construction the growing Rabobank Champion Community facilitates the continuous improvement on the value chains. The first group of Champions came from the Development part of the organization (ADM), the latest group consists of participant from Business, Development, and Operation: BusDevOps. The Champion@Work talks came from IT Operation by Erik Peet (Rabobank Nederland) on Demystifying DevOps through experimenting, and from Business by Jorg Gijsbers (Rabobank Nederland) on Experiences with Agile.

After the break Ordina and Cognizant explained the way in which they collaborate with the Rabobank. Jan-Sake Kruis, Nick van Giessel and Onno Dijkstra (Ordina) on Collaboration with the Agile workforce Ordina, Best practices and Lessons learned. Ovidiu Pitic on Agile Collaboration without borders, Cognizant best practices and Lessons learned.

The final session of the day was the key note from Lee Cunningham (VersionOne) on How to measure and Improve ROI in your Agile Organization. A nice practical view, combining lean and agile, on what to measure to see the improvement in (the chances on) winning.

After the recap by Raimond Wets we successfully ended the day with a winning match of the Netherlands against Chili and a lot of positive reactions on the talks, the facilities and the ambiance.

Full with energy and new ideas towards the next match in our Agile World Championship.


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