Scaling Agile for the Enterprise: Leadership, Feb 04 Brussels

“Agile communities are everywhere, due to the immense growth of organizations adopting the Agile philosophy. I guess this growth continues as the market is struggling with traditional problems such as unhappy end users and business stakeholders, and not to mention the enduring struggle to manage time, money and the number of time boxes or sprints in projects. So the need to share best practices on Agile stays and keeps us and other Agile initiatives motivated to work together. This is where Agile has its roots, sharing and innovating.”
– Arie van Bennekum, Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto, Chair of the Agile Consortium International

With this immense growth of organizations adopting the Agile philosophy, more and more organizations realize that Agile’s focus on team delivery alone is not enough.  Many of these Agile teams are  trying to extend the boundaries of the organizational culture  but are facing resistance in  bringing about this change.

To overcome these barriers to a sustainable Agile adoption, organizations need new leaders.  Leaders that have the skills and practices to create an Agile environment for self-organizing teams to do their job.

At this second year of the Scaling Agile for the Enterprise conference we will bring together stalwart thought leaders on Agile Leadership like Jurgen Appelo, Christopher Avery, Jenni Jepsen, Dave Snowden , Dan North  and other  speakers to show how to change the company culture . You will discover what is needed to create an Agile environment and what type of leadership styles are best suited to make the Agile mind set thrive in your organization.

All information, the full program and tickets can be found at

Join us and be inspired to boost the Agile mind set in your organization! Early birds, who order their tickets in 2015, benefit from a reduced price.

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