Satellite event Scaling Agile for the Enterprise at ING

Written by: René Terhoeve – ING IT Academy

Thursday January 22nd ING hosted one of the satellite events of the congress “Scaling Agile for the Enterprise 2015”in Amsterdam. Participants from ING and other companies where able to view the live streams of the keynote speakers from Brussels: Mark Lines, Dean Leffingwell, Andreas Schliep and Christoph Mathis.

INGsatelite2In between the keynotes the participants could join for an Agile Safari through ING Commercial Banking Services (CBS). CBS has approx. 800 engineers developing software in over 100 teams. One of our coaches took the participants to the Kanban boards of the management teams and our smell-o-meters, where we measure the happiness of our teams. After the Safari, there was an presentation and discussion on our Agile implementation with Peter Noordzij, manager CBS – Financial Markets and Lending Services, where Peter explained how we manage our Agile transition.

The event was a great success and we will try to host other events together with the Agile Consortium in the future.

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