Michael Spayd on the possibility of enterprise transfomation

Is Enterprise Transformation Really Possible?

Tuesday June 15th at 20.00 CET/CEST, Michael Spayd will give a talk: Is Enterprise Transformation Really Possible?

Back in 2012, Michael was busy teaching Agile Coaches how to practice the competencies articulated by the Agile Coach Competency model Lyssa Adkins and Michael had designed. The good news is that people’s minds were truly opened to learn that their effectiveness as a coach was at least as dependent on their skill in facilitating, listening, and asking good questions, as it was in being an expert in Agile (or anything else). The bad news: many were deeply frustrated with management that “just didn’t get it”, an organization culture that was not supportive or expressive of Agile values, and inflexible org structures that did not lead to flow.

In medicine, the Hippocratic oath declares that first, we must do no harm. In a similar vein, Michael conceived the Integral Agile Transformation Framework as an antidote for Enterprise Coaches and Transformation Leaders — with a well-intentioned passion to be of service — to at least do no harm.

The Integral Agile Transformation Framework provides a meta-view of an enterprise undergoing transformation. Using the foundational principles of Integral Theory, the latest in leadership development research, and the most powerful model to understand culture, the framework provides a holistic set of distinctions that reveals whatever viable pathways to organizational agility there may be in a given organization; it also reveals why, in certain cultures, and with certain leadership “styles”, the task can be so difficult. You will leave this session with insights about what can actually work in your company, and what likely cannot.

The talk will be based on Michaels (co-authored) book: Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to Think and Lead Differently.

Michael K. Spayd’s career in Agile began in 2001 as one of the leaders of the largest (at the time) full-scale adoption of Agile XP. Subsequently, Michael led and coached Agile transformations in a wide variety of contexts; as part of his practice, speaking, and teaching, he has endeavored to bring in key disciplines from fields external to Agile, such as professional coaching, systemic management, Integral Theory, organization development (OD), organization culture and change, and approaches to develop more effective sensemaking in leaders. For over 10 years, he has brought that thinking into helping define the ICAgile tracks for both team-level and enterprise-level Agile coaches. In 2010, Michael co-founded the Agile Coaching Institute, where he trained thousands of Agile coaches. In 2020, he founded the Collective Edge (www.the-collective-edge.com) with some dear colleagues, to help expand consciousness at the critical edge of our collective needs. Michael describes his style of working as systemic alchemy. His first book (coauthored) is Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to Think and Lead Differently, published in 2020 by Addison-Wesley.


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