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The Agile Consortium consists of an extensive network of agile organizations and individuals. Together we make the latest trends and developments in agile work accessible to various disciplines inside and outside business and IT.

For Belgium and The Netherlands, the member organizations and individuals unite in a local community.

Among current members of the Agile Consortium are financial institutions, consultancy firms, system integrators, universities and local and national administrations. Agile consortium holds a total of 75 member organizations. Individual members hold professions such as independent agile coach, trainer or consultant.

Becoming a member

All our members receive:

  • Free entry to our Knowledge sharing sessions and InnerCircle Meetings
  • Discount on certification exams
  • The opportunity to join working groups and develop initiatives
  • The opportunity to bring along one guest per representative to member meetings 
  • Our newsletter 
  • Member organisation name on the AC website member page

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Current members: Organizations & Individual members

Berg van den, T.

            Deneyer, P.

              Kastje, B.

           Veur van der, H.

Beltman, H.

Hamersveld, M.

             Schagen, E.

           Woude van der, C.

Bik, E.

Heemskerk, W.

Solkema, M.

Zwan van der, I.

Binnerts, D.

Hulsbeek van, E.J.

Tichel, R.

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