MeetUp on the essence of the Agile Organisation, Dec 1 Utrecht

Let’s meetup and work on Thé Agile Organisation Epic

Since February this year Agile Holland meetup is exploring the essence of Thé Agile Organisation. The journey started with the question what makes an Agile Organisation different compared to ‘the old days”? This was followed by more detailed inquiring into specific subjects, like the learning organisation and the organisation’s system.

This session we wil explore the Agile Organization’s value. Agile Software Development is about delivering working software. But Agile is no longer a specific Software Development approach. It spreads beyond the boundaries of IT. And that’s what makes it all exciting, doesn’t it? Because this will take us to goals beyond working software. So what value drives Thé Agile Organisation?

Is it the value of delivering working software? Or is it the value created by using this working software? Who defines what value is in Thé Agile Organisation?

Those questions are the basis for our exploration tonight. Will you join us?


17:00 – Welcome & Diner

18:30 – Start Meetup

18:40 – Introduction of todays workshop

18:45 – Dialogue, brainstorm and conclusion

20:30 – Walk & talk

The meetup is hosted by Rabobank and location is Utrecht Central. Please sign up via the Agile Holland meetup site (

Note: You have to create an account to be able to sign up. The account and Agile Holland membership is free!

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