Let the games play on!

Written by Raimond Wets

On June 1st the Agile Consortium hosted an Agile workout event at Rabobank in Utrecht. The participants could choose from 6 different Agile workshops, with a high variety on topics, like DevOps game, Management 3.0, Value streams, An inspiring change story, Story mapping and Lean boat game. All workshops were facilitated by Agile masters and Agile experts.

People had to choose wisely, since they could only attend one workshop during this evening session. Every workshop was a 2 hours event on its own, diving into a subject, being inspired by the stories of the facilitator and interaction with other participants. But it was most of all by doing also, playing the game to explore and really experience what it is about. People were playing Delegation poker, throwing balls, drawing Value streams and creating slices for the releases via the Story map.

Some of the participants did already join several of these kind of knowledge sharing sessions and there were also some for which it was their first Agile event. Everybody was really enthusiastic and inspired by the workshops, “This could have been a whole day event” was one of the responses.

Let the games play on!




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