Lean Startup, 12/11 Brussels


17.30 – 18.30: Reception

18.30 – 18.40: Agile Consortium Belgium president (Koen Van Exem) introduces the topic

18.40 – 19.30: Vladimir Blagojevic will give an introduction on Lean Startup (incl. the link with Agile/Scrum)
Most startups fail not because they fail to execute and build their product, but because they fail to build a viable business around it. Startup should be taken in a broad sense of the term, including any new product development. According to Steve Blank, startup is a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Customer development and lean startup help us do exactly this. Lean startup is a collection of techniques built around maximizing validated customer learning thought fast Build/Measure/Learn iteration loops. Vladimir will give a short overview introducing a simple validation framework and some practical techniques. Vlad has been working on 3 lean startups himself, and has been helping numerous startups apply these methodologies last three years.

19.30 – 19.45: Break

19.45 – 20.15: Carl Danneels will share his specific experience on the introduction & integration of Lean Startup in established companies

How to address these main challenges which established companies are facing when trying to introduce Lean Startup techniques:

  • The budgeting process
  • Hiring traditions
  • PMO prioritisation process (H2 justify the value of a disruptive idea ?)
  • Politics
  • Habit
  • Brand risk
  • Secrecy
  • Specific cases will be highlighted.

20.30 – 20.45: Koen will wrap up The Inner Circle by returning the token to the audience, who will be invited to ask questions to the speakers

Location: Regus Brussels Airport. Pegasuslaan 5, 1831 Diegem

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