IPMA Professional Day, Nov 15 2022

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You as a project professional are needed!

40% of all economic activity is project-based. The number is rising, because complexity is increasing, issues require international solutions (such as sustainability) and more and more organizations are organized in a project-oriented way and address their issues as such. So you as a project professional are desperately needed to handle this growth. But how do you ensure that these projects are successful?

For this, the interplay between your competencies and the method is important. IPMA puts the focus on your competencies. It is our conviction that insight into your competencies ensures that you know what you are good at and where you can still grow. But also what you are not good at.

IPMA-NL Professional Day 2022
To support you as a project professional in your development, IPMA is organizing the IPMA-NL Skills Day on Tuesday, November 15. On this day you can work on your Skills, Attitude and Knowledge. You will also meet fellow professionals with the same passion and get the chance to get to know this community better. With the theme ‘Back to Basics’ IPMA takes you back to the basics, the ICB competency model.

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