getKanban: get acquainted with Kanban in a fun interactive way, April 27, Brussels

Do you want to understand Kanban for software development? The getKanban board game is the fastest and most effective way to get a quick insight in Kanban.
The getKanban Board Game is a board game like Monopoly but instead of trying to buy real estate and make your competitors go bankrupt in the getKanban Board Game you try to make your software process flow and maximize your net profit. The goal of the getKanban game is to maximize the net profit by attracting subscribing customers for your software. You attract new customers by making new features available for the customer. Every third day of the game you will charge your existing and new customer. The team with the highest net profit at the end of the game will be the winning team.

PST3_400x400The session will be facilitated by Patrick Steyaert, founder of Okaloa. Patrick is currently working with a global Japanese Manufacturer, on a Pan-European business change project using Lean Visual Management methods. Patrick is a hands-on Lean and Agile Coach with an outstanding track record in delivering successful change in large and small ICT and technology organizations. He is an accredited Lean Kanban University Trainer and has a PhD in Computer Science.

17.30 uur Welcome
18.00 uur GetKanban Board Game (with a small Kanban introduction)
20.00 uur Q&A and drinks

Capgemini offices
Bessenveld 19

This event has already taken place. Registration is no longer possible.


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