Footage from Scaling Agile for the Enterprise 2016

Every year the Agile Consortium Belgium organizes a conference. This year at February 4th, over 200 agilists gathered at the KBC building in Brussels and a number of people joined watching the live stream. The topic of the day (in line with last year’s topic) was “Scaling Agile for the enterprise : Leadership”. A great line-up of speakers focusing on the leadership aspects to make agile a success story in your enterprise. Want to know more? Or want to re-live the moment .. you can watch the recordings here.

Jurgen Appelo – Managing for Happiness

40:57 –

Gideon Zondervan – Agile Leadership, does it exist?

53:41 –

Dave Snowden – Context is everything

42:21 –

Dan North – Business Mapping: Building an agile organisation

38:46 –

Christopher Avery – Lead Yourself

32:05 –

Christine Wank – Leadership Capacities and Insights from a Theory U Perspective

42:55 –

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