First Agile Foundation Exam for Marketing and Communication Professionals

Seven marketing and communication professionals have done the special marketing and communications version of the Agile Foundation exam on August 26. Agile Foundation assesses whether participants understand the philosophy and application of Agile project methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. These project methods are frequently used in ICT and have gained much ground in marketing and communications after Emeritus Professor Betteke Ruler published the Reflective Communication Scrum.

Arie van Bennekum, chair of Agile Consortium International: “Agile project methods can be applied within each professional field and fit in perfectly with the dynamics of marketing and communication. We are pleased that in this industry it is embraced by early adopters. That is why we’ve invested in an exam containing questions and jargon that these professionals are familiar with.”

Emeritus Professor Betteke van Ruler is involved in formulating appropriate questions for the exam: “Agile working methods such as scrum are applicable in situations where the outcome is not predictable and the context rather complex. It is ingrained in the methodology to continually review your work without getting bogged down in endlessness . Result-driven value comes first. Experiments with scrum and scrum-like methods in communication reveals that the flexible and result-oriented methods fits very well in this field. At the same time, we also notice that the methods, although seemingly simple, ask a very thorough approach. It’s not simple to do it well. It’s a very different way of working. ”

The closed-book exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions. Candidates having 70% or more questions correct pass the exam and are Agile Foundation certified. The certificate offers professionals an independent quality mark which is guarded by a non-profit association. The language of the examination is English and the certificate is internationally recognized.

For more information on this exam, please contact our office.

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