First Agile Coach Round Table; Big success!

On the 13th of February we organized the first Agile Round Table at PGGM (Zeist). People from Philips, Rabobank, SVB, Aegon and PGGM gathered together to share their knowledge about Agile at different levels of the organization.

Written by Bas Hammendorp, PGGM

The program started with a introduction of an IT manager about PGGM and the history of the IT-department becoming Agile. After that, one of the Agile (Business Intelligence) teams explained how they apply Agile working in their work. The last part of the tour was a story from a self-organizing release team and how they involve the development and business departments in their process. All visitors enjoyed the stories very much and we were all inspired for the Round Table session.

After a round of introduction and a small snack, we started by creating a backlog of subjects we wanted to address. Blind dot voting got us to a prioritized list of subjects and (of course) we started with the top one; team composition and the practices of component vs. feature teams. We decided to pick a time box of 10 minutes per subject and, if desired, prolong this another 10 minutes. Eventually we prolonged four times because of the good, constructive discussions.
Overall, it was a very good start of the Agile Round Table sessions with a lot of energy and awesome people. If you want to participate, or start you own Agile Round Table, please contact the Agile Consortium.

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