End Users & The Business – We need You, 12/11 Zurich

December 11, Agile Community Event Zurich

How much end user involvement is needed to build a product? Do endusers really know what it takes or are developers in the end the only ones who can define what is needed? How to keep a sane balance between those extremes and how to incorporate endusers in the process?

Attendees can expect:

  • Keynote by Arie van Bennekum (Co-author of the Agile Manfesto): Tips for enduser involvement in projects and products.
  • Benjamin Hentrich (Head of Web Systems) and Gudrun Möller (Head Product Management) will talk about their experiences in a case study of the NZZ.
  • Panel discussion: debate and opportunity for questions

Location: Falkenstrasse 11, next to the opera, starts at 18.30 hrs

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