Conference ScaBru20

The Agile Consortium Belgium (ACB) is pleased to invite you to the 6th edition of our annual conferences. It will take place in Brussels on February, 6th, the theme is “Fostering an agile culture through People, Leadership and Business”.

This conference tackles some of the most challenging obstacles to agile adoptions in large organizations. And there, culture is key and heavily influenced by people. But how can current HR policies support contemporary collaboration models? How can managers become a catalyst rather than an obstacle to an agile adoption? And practically, how can we move the delivery pointer from output to outcome? Are our current contracting models fit for this agile world?

We have engaged thought agile leaders like Duena Blomstrom, Michael Sahota, Jürgen De Smet, Fabiola Eyholzer and many others.


Learn, get inspired and grow your connections during this annual event!

Location: KBC Brussels (Belgium) || Date: 6 February 2020

For more information, please visit:

See you at #ScaBru20!

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