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The MarComs chapter is the first chapter of Agile Consortium with an international and profession oriented focus. The initiative was taken during 2015 when we noticed an increased need for exchange amongst marketing & communication professionals to exchange knowledge on Agile tooling for their specific domains.

left to right: Roald Tichelaar, Jeremy Curtin, Mariëlle Roozemond, Misha van Hamersveld

The vision of the Marcoms Chapter

Creating a world where IT, business and Marketing professionals work together using a shared collaboration philosophy to enhance the overall effectiveness of their engagement opportunities with their customers.

The mission of the Marcoms Chapter

Creating a community where marcoms leaders can work together to enhance thier ability to engage with customers in a collaborative and adaptive way thereby increasing their competitive advantage in a VUCA-world.


One of the first actions of the MarComs chapter will be the development of further certification possibilities beyond Foundation level especially tailored for the MarComs domain.


We strive to organize one large event a year and one or two smaller events, in cooperation with member organizations and universities.

Working groups

Member organizations can adopt a specific Agile MarComs subject to explore with like-minded professionals in order to create best practices and thus contribute to a body of knowledge.


The MarComs chapter was founded by Jeremy Curtin (Chair/Director of Digital Experience at Liberty Global), Misha van Hamersveld (Boardmember/Project Manager at Talmark), Marielle Roozemond (Initiator/Agile marcom consultant and lecturer Rotterdam University) and Roald Tichelaar (Boardmember/Online business


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170 Aanmeldingen voor het Futurizing MarCom event dat we samen met Yacht organiseren op 8 mei 2023! 

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