Agile communities

Dedicated to building relationships with partners and members, with an eye for shared interests and needs. And in doing so, be a solid haven for anyone who wants to achieve structural and sustainable change with agile.

The Agile Consortium consists of an extensive network of agile organizations. Together we make the latest trends and developments in agile work accessible to various disciplines inside and outside business and IT.


Agile Consortium Belgium offers a platform for Belgian companies and their agile professionals to share knowledge during an annual conference and at knowledge sharing sessions called inner-circles.   


Agile MarCom Consortium offers events and certifying exams for agilists working in the Marketing & Communication profession. The foundation has strong relations with the other Agile Consortium communities and international initiatives in Agile Marketing.    

The Netherlands

Agile Consortium The Netherlands is a community of Dutch organizations and individuals. The platform facilitates knowledge sharing through events, including our annual conference. Also hosts special working groups to delve into topics with frontrunners to accelerate in new trends. Maintains strong ties with the various agile certifications.

Young Agile Consortium

Young Agile Consortium is for members up to about age 35. Agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners, but also for project managers, PMOs and other project management experts who dare to embrace both worlds. 

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