CO-CREATE! 2014, Dec 11 Bussum

For the second year the Agile Consortium organizes together with other unions a CO-CREATE! Symposium. The first CO-CREATE! Symposium last year was a great success! With 650 visitors and 80 speakers and discussion leaders a new framework for IT events saw the light. The co-creation of associations appeals to both participants and companies.

The IT world has changed greatly in recent years and the various trade unions realize this. bITa Center, ASL, BPM Forum, itSMF, KIVI, PvIB, Ngi-NGN, and Agile Consortium have found each other and are more and more seeking the connection with each other. Cooperation between the various trade unions not only takes place in preparation for this symposium, there are various groups such as Scaling Agile, DevOps, ASL / BiSL & Agile, in which we find and strengthen each other.

When we put on our Agile glasses to view current trends, there is a trend of broadening the co-creation from IT to Business, BusDevOps teams and maybe the next merger takes place on an organizational level? IT as a business enabler! Another trend is the use of co-creation techniques outside IT, such as in education (eduScrum), marketing, and engineering (eXtreme Manufacturing).  In short, plenty of interesting subjects to experience on December 11.

Besides the various presentations on these topics, there is a co-creation game in which all visitors can participate.

Let’s CO-CREATE! Write down December 11, 2014 | Spant Bussum in your calendar.

Registration is already possible. Members of Agile Consortium get 50% discount. For this purpose you can use the discount code “Member ac2014”

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