Certification program

We make the agile ecosystem accessible and approachable for both new and experienced professionals, in part by offering inspiring certification exams. Through our associated program Certify to Inspire, individuals develop themselves in the application of the agile mindset which then allows organizations to grow in agile maturity.

We have built our exams on the agile mindset, which is why our high-quality certifications are completely framework independent.

The agile mindset is a mentality that involves creating understanding, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve high-performing results. By combining the agile mindset with processes and tools, teams can adapt to change and deliver incremental value to their customers.


The Agile Consortium Foundation Certification

The Agile Consortium Practitioner Certification

The Agile Consortium Master Certification

Educational certifications

Agile Foundation
Onderwijs Certification

Agile Practitioner
Onderwijs Certification

Agile masters

Agile Masters are experts on different Agile methods and approaches and are certified at the highest certification level of the Agile Consortium. They have proven to be an inspiration and enable agility on organisation level.

A selection of the Agile Masters in the Netherlands is listed below:

   Anko Tijman

   Raimond Wets

   Arie van Bennekum

   Remi-Armand Collaris

   Bas Willemsen

   René Romkes

   Brian Teunissen

   Robbrecht van Amerongen

   Dick Croes

   Theo Gerrits

   Els Verkaik

   Ward Bergmans

   Eric Bunk

   Albert-Jan Anneveld

   Jan-Sake Kruis

   Lieuwe Zijlstra

   Jeroen Molenaar

   Sabine Scheepstra

   Jeroen Venneman

   Linda Dorlandt

   Julya van Berkel

   Val Ceresa

   Laurens Bonnema

   Bert Cleveringa

   Leo Diepstraten

   Arjen Uittenbogaard

   Mirjam Elast-Zeeders

   Susan Saris

   Patrick Stevens

   Cyriel Vringer

   Patrick Verheij

   Wim Heemskerk

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