Business Agility Europe 2021 Nov 2-5, online

As Agile Consortium, we are actively involved in this year’s online event Business Agility Europe 2021. This event will take place from Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 November.

For our at the bacjk office registered and known members we have 200 prepaid tickets to give away. Ensure your ticket and register now! Via:

Business Agility Europe 2021, is an online event focused on the development of organizational and business agility and related perspectives, models and solutions. The main themes of the event are Strategy-Driven Development, People & Culture and Organizational Transformation.

The event consists of 4 half-day afternoon sessions. All afternoon sessions start at 13:00 (CET). There will be 20 speakers this year. For an overview of the sessions and speakers see the link at the bottom of this post. Two sessions we are bringing in from the Agile Consortium:

On Tuesday, November 2, Jeroen Venneman and Frederik Schukken, both board members of Agile Consortium, will discuss the current and future development of Business Agility.
On Friday, November 5, practical experiences from ING will be shared by Catharina Adriaans.
As Agile Consortium, we find the sharing of knowledge and experience important and we stimulate a growing international community that does this with enthusiasm. We are therefore very happy with this cooperation and the opportunity for our members to participate.

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