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Inner Circle 12/12/2018: Patterns of Successful Scaled Agile Transformation

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, December, 12th, 2018, when the Agile Consortium Belgium hosts its next Inner Circle (open to ACB corporate members). We will have Jayagopal Parameswaran (Jay), Cognizant Digital Engineering Practice Leader – Continental Europe, and Enterprise Agile coach, talking about the “Patterns of Successful Scaled Agile transformation”. The insights and lessons learned ... Read more

Leadership game

Agile Leadership Game During the Agile conference last year, the Agile leadership game was launched and introduced in one of the workshops under the title ‘How Agile are you?’ More information about the game can be found below. If you want support with the implementation of the game or experience it yourself let us know ... Read more

Adapting the Agile Mindset

The current way of Agile working is not the first wave and will probably not be the last as well. Every wave is an improvement compared to the previous one. But don’t wait, just do it now. Written by Raimond Wets, board member of the Agile Consortium Netherlands. Good news for all. Every now and ... Read more

First Agile Coach Round Table; Big success!

On the 13th of February we organized the first Agile Round Table at PGGM (Zeist). People from Philips, Rabobank, SVB, Aegon and PGGM gathered together to share their knowledge about Agile at different levels of the organization. Written by Bas Hammendorp, PGGM The program started with a introduction of an IT manager about PGGM and ... Read more

Which success does your company want?

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful” Written by Patrick Verheij Olympic athletes crave only one thing: a gold medal. Those who actually receive such a medal, have given everything to get it. Not just during the final match, but foremost during the many hours, days, ... Read more

The meaning of Agile, the meaning of life, living Agile!

As a board member of the Agile Consortium I feel connected to Agile and the Agile community, living Agile! Giving meaning to Agile and thus giving meaning to life, together with soul mates, improving continuously. This sounds pretty ‘deep’, and it is, Agile can change your mindset. Or in my case support my mindset. This ... Read more