Agile observations @ co-create! #3

eduscrum op co-createThe Agile Consortium shared its booth at the exhibition floor with EduScrum, an organization aimed at implementing Scrum within secondary schools. The enthusiastic initiator of EduScrum and physics teacher Willy Wijnands, introduced a team of four students scrumming their physics.

The students showed their planning, their burn down chart and their definition of done. They also invented a new scrum item; the DoF. Definition of Fun. In a mini-interview they commented on their learning process with scrum. “Yes, we enjoy it, but we are also happy that that we have ordinary lessons as well! Why? Because it is very intensive to be responsible for your own work all the time, hahaha.”

The results of the students using scrum are excellent. As a group they achieve a significant higher average grade than their peer group attending classes with traditional teaching methods. Willy: “One of the teachers commented that it was unfair, because he worked very hard to get them high grades. And that underlines the essence of scrum in the classroom. As a teacher helping students to let them do the hard work!”

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