Agile observations @ co-create! #2

On december 10, the Agile Consortium in the Netherlands participated together with five other business-IT related associations in a major symposium, organized around the theme co-create! Adjacent to a plenary start, the Agile Consortium held an introduction in one of the plenary sessions.  Jeroen Venneman and Frank Langeveld characterized Agile as a way of working in complex project environments  and also highlighted the Agile Consortium as an independent organization for developing and sharing knowledge on Agile methods.

Their presentation gained rapidly more depth as they analyzed how agile thinking developed in time. Was it 10 years ago aimed at ICT and teams, nowadays its more and more about the business. Reflection takes place at the organizational level. Jeroen and Frank also touched on pressing contemporary issues such  as how to cope with multiple clients on one project (appoint one chief Product Owner). Or how to combine Lean and Agile in situations the two methods meet in one project. (Use a method like system thinking to put the interests of the business first.)

They concluded their presentation with the notion that being efficient isn’t enough. There has to be value for the business in what you do. At the moment the slide with the declaration of the ‘february revolution’ was shown on screen, the screen went black. Giving its message an even greater impact.          

Declaration of the 'february revolution'
Declaration of the ‘february revolution’

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