Agile Masters

Agile Masters are experts on different Agile methods and approaches and are certified at the highest certification level of the Agile Consortium. They have proven to be an inspiration and enable agility on organisation level.
For more information on the various certification levels and how to become an Agile Master see

A selection of the Agile Masters in the Netherlands is listed below:



Name LinkedIn
Anko Tijman linked_in
Arie van Bennekum linked_in
Bas Willemsen linked_in
Brian Teunissen linked_in
Dick Croes linked_in
Els Verkaik linked_in
Eric Bunk linked_in
Jan-Sake Kruis linked_in
Jeroen Molenaar linked_in
Jeroen Venneman linked_in
Julya van Berkel linked_in
Laurens Bonnema linked_in
Leo Diepstraten linked_in
Mirjam Elast-Zeeders linked_in
Patrick Stevens linked_in
Patrick Verheij linked_in
Raimond Wets linked_in
Remi-Armand Collaris linked_in
René Romkes linked_in
Robbrecht van Amerongen linked_in
Theo Gerrits linked_in
Ward Bergmans linked_in
Albert-Jan Anneveld linked_in
Lieuwe Zijlstra linked_in
Sabine Scheepstra linked_in
Linda Dorlandt linked_in
Val Ceresa linked_in
Bert Cleveringa linked_in
Arjen Uittenbogaard linked_in
Susan Saris linked_in
Cyriel Vringer linked_in
Wim Heemskerk linked_in