14 June 2022 – Reframing Agile: What’s Next? – Agile Consortium Belgium

Agile Consortium Belgium is back with its annual physical conference after two years. So, please join us on June 14th in Brussels.

In the rapidly changing world we live in, we can see that our contexts and environments become increasingly interconnected and complex. As agilists, we are used to dealing with change.. we believe in continuous improvement and to learn from lessons along the way. So isn’t it time that we take a step back and look at what Agile means today? What does the interconnected and interlaced world of today mean for the agile ways of working? What lessons have we learnt? Where is the evolution taking us? Is it just a matter of reframing or refreshing Agile? Or do we need more?

We have worked hard to offer you renowned speakers (The schedule ) that will shed light from different angles onto the “next”, providing us with clues on how to prepare well. And regarding that preparation, by offering eight workshops we put much focus on practicing newly learned things. We are looking very much forward to see you all in person again.

So, please join us on June, 14th for a full day of inspiration, growth and networking opportunities, as well as a good bite / drink! AND all that at very attractive ticket prices.

More info and tickets: https://brussels2022.agileconsortium.net

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