Agile and Sustainability exploration, Jun 20 Houten

Exploration: Interconnections between Agile and Sustainability

‘Agile’ and ‘Sustainability’ are two topics that are currently ‘hot’ in the Netherlands. Turn on Business News Radio, and you’ll hear these words at least twice every hour.
Manfred van Veghel currently works as Agile Coach at ING and has done a lot of work in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility in the past. He would like to explore what the interconnections are and where both mindsets can enhance each other together with Agile Masters, Sustainability experts and other interested parties.

A possible result might be the start of a working group or knowledge development to disseminate at the Agile Consortium annual congress, 2 November 2017. Members and non-members of the Agile Consortium are welcome. Registration is mandatory.

Interactive exploration Agile and Sustainability
Initiator: Manfred van Veghel
Date: June 20
Times: 18.00 – 20.00
Location: Houten
More info: mvanveghel[@]

Manfred van Veghel is currently working as Agile Coach at ING. He provides various trainings on agile working. In the past he was a Program Manager at the ABN AMRO Foundation in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Agile and Sustainability


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