A festive season and a happy 2016!

Dear members of Agile Consortium,

A year has passed and the dynamics of the economic and social development is bigger than ever. More and more, there is an increased demand for Agile and Agility.

In several areas, we are very active and have as Agile Consortium, acquired a solid position in the international community. The number of new chapters is growing in Europe (Italy, French-language chapter. Poland) and we have formalised a MarCom chapter.

The certification process we offer is increasing in scope and language. As an organisation,we have a footprint that is wider than what we have had so far.

The international conference, beginning of February in Brussels, will be live streamed  to eight countries. The development does not stand still. As Agile Consortium we work hard at this, partly due to the knowledge and experience from our members. Sincerely thank you for this!

We would like to wish you all a festive season and a fantastic 2016!

Kind regards
Arie van Bennekum

Chair Agile Consortium International
Co-auteur van het Agile Manifesto

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